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Plumber Emergency Cape Town


Our Professional, Trained and Experienced Plumbers Are Committed To Provide The Best Plumbing Service.

Emergency Plumbing Repairs
Cape Town plumber

Plumbing emergency ? Phronesis plumbing services  has the answers to your plumbing challenges. Is it a leak ?  A blockage ? A geyser problem ? A burst pipe ? A toilet problem ? A drain problem ?  Get in touch with our experienced plumbers to deal with any plumbing problem, no matter how small or large, around Cape Town.

Plumbing Installations
Plumbing bathtub installation Cape own

We have vast experience in installing plumbing fixtures around Cape Town.  Do you need professional plumbers for dish washer installation ? machine washer installation ? geyser installation ? bathtub installation ? Shower Installation ?  sink installation , basin installation ? toilet installation? pipe installation? Get hold of affordable plumbers for the installation of your plumbing fixtures. 

Professional Plumbing Services

With over 8 years serving Cape Town residents, Phronesis Plumbing Services makes it utmost priority to deliver a quality, dependable yet affordable plumbing service that exceeds our client’s expectations. With our experience in delivering plumbing services, we have an ongoing record of being reliable, trustworthy, affordable plumbers, producing plumbing services to a high standard. 

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Phronesis Plumbing Services remain uncompromising in our quality, working within a realistic time period that accommodate lifestyle, commitments and meet deadlines. We work with high quality SABS approved materials as we strive for quality service with the aim to adhere to the plumbing industry regulations and to see our customers satisfied 

Geyser Repairs

Phronesis Plumbing Services  provides a same day service in repairing all brands of electric geysers and solar geysers across Cape Town. Whether you have experienced water leaking through your sealing or your geyser is leaking water or your geyser  water is no longer hot enough or your geyser is overheating.

Geyser Installations & Replacements

Phronesis Plumbing Services specialise in the installation of Kwikot geysers along with other SABS approved geysers of all size ranges in accordance to SABS Standards.  Phronesis Plumbing  Services is uncompromising in adhering to the SANS 10254 geyser installation specifications. 

Water System Blockages

Phronesis Plumbing Services  are specialist in fixing blockages such as blocked drain, blocked sink, blocked toilet Blocked downpipes, Blocked drains, blocked guttering, Blocked pipes, Blocked sinks, Blocked toilets, drain cleaning, Drain installation, Drain repairs.

Plumbing Fixtures Installations

Phronesis Plumbing Services  are specialists in installing mixer tap, dish washer installation, machine washer installation, geyser installation, bathtub installation, Shower Installation,   sink installation, basin installation, toilet installation, water pipe system installation.

Burst Pipes

Phronesis Plumbing Services  majors  in the most common water system challenges such as burst pipes, both in the home, commercial and the municipal system.


Phronesis Plumbing Services  provides solution for water leakages, tap leakages, toilet leakages , geyser leakages , dishwasher leakages, washing machine leakages.

Washing Machine Repairs

Phronesis Plumbing Services  are specialist in fixing washing machine

Dishwasher Repairs

Whether your dishes are not getting properly cleaned
or your dish washer doesn't Start or your dishwasher is
filling water issues or dishwasher leakages.

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